Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

There are two engines to leadership. The first is reactive; it is avoidance-based or fear-based. The second is value-based and purpose-based; passion is what propels you forward. A leader who is driven by creating positivity in the world, for their clients, and for their business delivers the best results. In leadership development and executive coaching, the focus is to shift people’s reactive leadership styles to value-based leadership work. It is the difference between playing not to lose, and playing to win. 


360 Assessments are an integral part of the work done by Dor to Core. This unique tool helps you identify your strengths by both assessing yourself and having others - both above, and below you in your organization - assess you. Its benefits are threefold:

  1. It helps identify what you, and others, perceive your strengths to be.
  2. It helps you understand how to take a skill (like motivating or inspiring others) and turn it into a usable strength.
  3. It is an instrument in measuring two primary leadership domains - Reactive Tendencies (using high control tactics to drive results and over emphasizing self protective behavior) and Creative Competency (measuring how you achieve results, lead with vision, enhance your own and your organizations development). 

Performance Coaching


"Dori helped me work on being intentional with what I wanted, taught me to think of it as if it was something I had already achieved and deserved as opposed to something that I hoped for and might get one day."

−Josh Loeb, Owner of Rustic Canyon Family of Restaurants

How do you take whatever it is that you do, whether it is sales, business development, brand building, etc., and raise performance to the next level? Tim Gallaway says: Success = Potential − Self Interference. Performance coaching is geared toward understanding how we eliminate our own self limitations in order to self actualize. This can include: 

  1. Increasing resilience to changes, both by expanding your control zone, as well as learning to take advantage of headwinds blowing in your direction
  2. Making you more aware of emotions - both yours and others'
  3. Understanding what it is that you want and how to take control in order to get there 

Here, you understand what your unique abilities are in order to capitalize on them, take those skills, and turn them into usable strengths.


Team Coaching


"Dori Ben-Chanoch worked perfectly in a team, created an open environment for sharing, contributed himself in sharing openly in the examples and facilitated a learning instead of a training, thereby enabling people to learn about themselves as a person by being coached as well as how to coach others effectively."

−Werner Van Doremalen, Head of Site Services Category and Solution Engagement, Ericsson Corporation

If you think about any high performing team − in business, sports, academia, etc. − there are always two essential ingredients: productivity and positivity. Effective, high performing teams win. They deliver, produce, they get the job done. However, how does that productivity last? Positivity. Though positivity is less of a focus in many instances than the result that it drives, it is crucial in fostering a sense of trust, communication, loyalty, fun, and passion. These seminars are extremely focused, packed with purposeful and illustrative information, and there is never a dull moment. Each attendee's progress is focused on - and paramount in developing a sense of camaraderie. Happy people make superior work. Here, we discuss how to cultivate a positive atmosphere in the work environment and translate that into long term productivity.